Connecticut Parachutists, Inc. offers tandem skydiving to introduce students into the solo training programs. It is the most exciting and safest method for training someone to make their first jump. Training generally takes less than 30 minutes, and, depending on a number of variables, a student may spend only half a day for the training and the jump. Both the student and the instructor are attached to the same parachute system. They freefall together from up to 2 miles above the earth. After the parachute is open they descend together under a single large parachute with dual controls. Enjoy the fantastic view with your feet dangling over 4,000 ft. in the air! Connecticut Parachutists, Inc. uses the most advanced equipment for student jumping. Being a club allows us to invest large amounts of money into our equipment, leaving us with only the best and newest equipment available to students.

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"This was by far one of the best experiences of my life. My instructor Chris and camera guy Keith were incredible!! They made the entire experience fun and something I wanted to do again as soon as I hit the ground! All of the workers were extremely friendly and helpful, I would recommend this for any first time or returning skydivers...amazing job!! "


"THANK YOU!!!! My jump was thrilling and more fun than I ever imagined, I am still high!! Billy and Oke you are great!!! CPI your expertise and concern for safety was evident from the minute we arrived. My tandem instructor, Janel was calm & confident,because of her,I felt the same way!! Thank you all for helping me experience a life's desire!! Denise Fusaro 10/2/2004"

Denise Fusaro

"My first jump was a 50th birthday gift from my husband. It was on my bucket list and still is...I'm addicted! This past weekend my 28 year old daughter and I jumped together. It was my 5th time, her first. She loved it!! It was so much fun to share the experience with her. Each jump has been better than the last and I can't wait to do it again! Thank you Russian Mike and Walt for making our time in the sky so amazing!! "



Share the experience of your tandem skydive with others, and remember it for a lifetime with a video of your experience. We offer mutliple video and stills packages to choose from. Choose from hand cam video video to professional outside videographer video

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